Tuesday, 27 July, 2010

Seven days of positivity: day 5

1) I'm thankful that I've been able to find out a work around for the bug which I thought could not be fixed. (I'm reiterated the fact that if one door closes, there are (is) other ones that are wide open!)

2) I'm thankful that Hd is back from his trip.He had been out of town only for two days, but the two days were like years to me.

3) I'm thankful for the cool weather in the city I live in.

4)I'm thankful that I was able to go to the temple, round Lord Ganesha for 21 times as mom said, went to the fruit shop to buy fruits and inspite of the the other mind was insisting on getting back home, I dragged myself to the goshala and fed the cows.

5) I'm thankful for the time (read free) I get in office these days which I can use for learning

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