Sunday, 6 December, 2009

To quit job or not

I'm in a dilema, whether to quit job or not. Work is becoming more streeful off-late.At this point of time, when we rae planning to go the family way, I dont want to take stress. I want to give birth to a happy and a healthy baby! There I said it..But, the thought of not earning (since I've been earning even before passing out of college, while I was an intern), not able to see the bank balance grow, need to think before spending (not that I dont think now, while earning).I'm neither a shopaholic nor a spendthrift. I feel I can manage not working too. Once I conceive, I will anyway quit unless the office wants me to work from home. God, please help me make up my mind and take a decision that is good for me

Work is ........... me

Yes, I said it right..
Work _ _ _ _ _.
I would like to educate my boss the following:

1) No company/no team depends on the success or failure of one person or the work that a single individual does.
2) What was the manager doing all through one full year when there were problems? When one problem got resolved, he relaxed as did the engineer, only till the next problem cropped up and loomed into gigantic proportions. If an engineer is not able to solve the problem, why didnt the manager put somebody else in his/her place or why didnt he ask someone else to help the person who is in trouble?
3) Is the goal to solve the problem or to judge one's capabilities. For the latter, there is always an focal point review where one is rated/judged. What about finding the solution for the problem?
4) Pull out the weekly meeting notes to find out what was planned every week and what was executed.
5) What is the point of doing retro? when no action is taken from the learnings? Right from beginning, it was told that there was no documentation available. Wehn documentation was made available, there was no one to take a look at it. Why was no review done in the last one year?

Answer the above before blaming it on an individual,Mr.Boss