Monday, 27 July, 2009


I've made this a habit to check blogs(mommy blogs) as the next thing after opening outlook(read just open outlook, blog hop, read all blogs, then, make the effort of reading official e-mails)..This is what I've been following last 3+ years(hush..hush..dont tell office mates:-)) the path that my life has taken me last 3+ years has made me more hooked to these blogs. hence, when i'm piled with work and when more effort is expected of me, i'm finding it difficult to let go of this habit even slowly. Now that I've started blogging (regularly? still need to wait and watch till I claim I'm regular blogger),and want to record too many things over here, I log in to create posts..but just after clicking on new Post, i open another browser window to browse blogs.reading others blogs have proven to be positive many times, but i want to come out of not this habit but this addiction..anyone else addicted?

Sunday, 26 July, 2009

Looking forward to life from this week on..

The week starting 26 July 2009 will usher in a new hope, new beginning, a new freshness, a new treasure for life, a new miracle..So, do I believe! According to mine and Bh's horoscopes, all our troubles are now behind us and staring this week, its going to be a good time for us and we shall conceive a baby during this period and the baby will grow its full term in my utero and will come to this world and we would welcome our happy healthy baby now.I cant stop grinning even as the thoughts go over me..This week lstarts with Shashti on 27th July, Monday, and I'm sure Lord Murugan's blessings are with us even If i'm dont perform the monthly shashti pooja this time. Then, comes varalakshmi Nombu on 31st July , and then, next comes the most awaited HSG test. I hope I'm able to cooperate with the Doctors this time and get a normal HSG result. If anyone gets to read this post of mine, please send a prayer up for us.


and more of it was what happened during the last 3 days of last week. I did have too many things to complete at work, but one particular issue hogged up all my time at office , and more at home too.

An issue has been dicsovered in the work I did for the previous project, and questions are being thrown at me from left,right and centre. Since the boss in the US is asking me many details, I sought the help of my mamnager here to draft the email(because you know, in times of crisis like this, the appropriate wording of the email, stating properly etc makes a hell a lot of difference because a misplaced word could create more impact). But, mamager being his own slef just kept offmy requests for full 2 days teling I do all the responses since I was the one who was involved during the design, testing etc. Here, I agree that I share responsibility for the bug, but I feel as a manager he needs to picth in and help me. Even after repeatedly asking him for help , he brushed it off. So, I sit for hours together to dig into the last year and a half'ss emails , find of I get some conversation with someone regarding this issue, the, draft email, bring it home, give it to Bh, make him work on my work, which now becomes double taxing, get the email drafed from him (Bh is too good at writing, talkinh, has excellent command of english, he is simply too good at words! Touch Wood! Kala Tikka.), again, go through the draft, edit it (bcos I need to filter out what technical detauls has to go /remove from it), then, wait for the braodband to work and then, finally click on the send button.

I'm also dealing with another issue with involves interaction with a third party person and he simply hasnt given me a effective solution since last 4 weeks.

In addition to all this, 've been secretively desiting if I would test positive for pregnancy this cycle.Only Till last Thursday, I did have hope, i thought a divine miracle was happening on me.Anyways,hoping to get pregnant very soon..Having fingers crossed.

Thursday, 23 July, 2009

Getting in touch with old friends

And so I start my daily routine of opening Outlook first (office work first!), then gmail, then winkiesways,..And there in Gmail, I see an new message from some name who is so very familiar. And there its my school friend..Felt really good and was grinning while reading her email though it was only of 2 lines..This time, I broke out of my procastination, immediately composed her a reply, and even before i culd expect a reponse from her, saw a friend request threby allowing em to view her pics..She is gorgeous mother of a year old, and has such a adorable family..browsing through, found some more friends and classmates and found that they are all settled as a family.I'm genuinely very happy for them. Looking at all their kids' pictures, I beg and plead the Almighty to bless me also with a child and i go wistful as to when I would become a mom.I shall soon post the birth story. It starts in Feb 2006 and I sincerely wish and pray that I will have a child by August 2010.Everything happens for a reason, yes, I believe it, but I'm also a normal human being, sometimes I get very depressed and stressed out and feel in the middle of an ocean and it seems an uphill task as to who will help em to reach the shore and when I will reach the shore. I'm longing to join the Doula ganag and longing to be blessed!.

Tuesday, 21 July, 2009

Sis enrols in college

Hurray! Good News! Sweet little dear sis gets admitted to college. Just cant believe my own eyes if its the same cute little thing that i saw the next morning after her birth in the hospital, now is taller , slimmer, smarter than me. In terms of beauty, I cant even give you a compraison with me, thats why ,it wasnt include in the previous line. She is one of the two whom I consider the most beautiful women in the world. Any guesses who is the other??

Words falter to come when I want to describe about how she has changed our lives, our family, the joy and the happiness that she has brought into our worlds. She proved to be opposite to me since her childhood days when she dint make a single fuss in her food, play, sleeping habits. She gave enogh rest for my mom, being an obedient child, you wouldnt believe when i say that she used to do poojas and japas when she was still a 3 year old(I do have pictures to rpove!), a little helper around the house, a daddy's daughter who wouldnt allow my dad to carry a suitcase when he had to travel(
a separate post on how my dad used to sneakily move out of the hosue whenever he had to travel), the pink mite who used to call me acca a hundred times(wait, was it not thousand?) a day,my angel who adorned her hair with flowers 10 times more than the length of her hair and who now has enviable dark, long and strong hair,the darling of our house who socialised very well with all near and dear, who gradually took upon cooking and now master every other ish that you can think of. Appu, you are the best thing to have happened in my life and wish and sincerely pray God that the child that I bear will also be as sweet and darling as you are. Appu Beta, May the Good Lord shower you with adundant blessings for a happy, peaceful, healthy life ahead. As you now start to face the world, I pray that the Divine power shower you with mental strength to face the challenges, the wisdom to distinguish between the right and the worng, the strength and stamina to move past the hurdles and emerge successful in all that you. I have so much to learn from you, sweetu,be my teacher Appu!

Agara Mudhala

Ezhuthellam Aadhi Bhagavan Mudhatrey Ulagu

This is my First Post, and the not-so first attemp in blogging. Have been trying to be regular on posts since the last 4 years throgh various blogspot pages,and this is another attempt to record all the happy, intersting, mundane, events in my life. More importantly, this is alo a space to vent all emotions and feelings and in a sincere desire to mature spiritually, I start this blog.