Saturday, 24 July, 2010

Seven days of positivity : Day 2

The five things for which I'm grateful and thankful for today are:

1) For having a SIL who came over today to help with cooking for guests (when she herself was meant to be a guest for lunch)

2) For being able to dine at Chilies and shell out a good amount on the bill

3) for having the luxury to buy a car and the freedom to choose the car of my choice.

4) For a great gynaecologist who is very hopeful, positive and optimistic that I would conceiev very soon and that she could support me with good medicines and such and for reassuring that I'm normal and that I'll be able to deliver a happy and a healthy baby.

5) I'm thankful that I'm now trying (and even implementing) to ignore those that disturb me and try to just let go.I'm thankful that some force is enabling me to change , for the better.

See ya tomorow

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