Thursday, 22 July, 2010

Positivity Galore - Day 1

Seeing the "Seven days of positivity " post on Preeti's (none other than the Just a mother of two fame Preeti Shenoy) blog and in someone elses' too yesterday (which happens to be the second day) , I've been in a dilema whether to take it up or as usual another part of my mind (the evil one) , the lazy one, had the excuse that "it is going to be difficult, can i do it 7 days in a row , it salready second day, i've missed the first day, so, let me do it some other time(as if I would have taken it had I seen the post on the first day itself!!!, Finally, now, I've decided to give a dman to my procastinating and lethargic attitude and give it a try..

If a post on positivity can influence a slothful being like me, then, imagine how much being positive most of the times (at this point, i dont believe in being positive and hopeful every moment of our lives is possible at all..Probably, I would change in due course, but for now, I cant come to terms with leading a life that is full of optimism and gratitude , at all times, even at times of utmost difficulty) can change one's life for the better.

Here are the five things that I'm most grateful for today and always:

1) For blessing me with wonderful , amazing, great, parents. When I become a mother, if I can try to emulate a small percentage of the affection and love showered on us, numerous sacrifices that they have mdae so that our needs and wants are met, the patience with which they have endured many a harsh words from us, hope and confidence they instil in us, and being a pillar/rock of support for us , I would be happy with myself.

2) For my little sister..(When did she grow up? Is it the same lil bundle that I saw a few hours after her birth has grown an inch taller than me now? )She is the one who has brought in adundant happiness to our family, she is the one who has brough in Godess Lakshmi along with her. You brought a meaning to my childhood and now, for the last few years, when I'm undergoing a difficult time in life, you are the one who is giving sensible, practical advice . I love you appu.

3) For a great husband. Yes, there, I've said it. For all your love , support , for enduring the numerous temper tantrums that I throw up (hey, its for you to be ready for the tantrums that our kid will do), for having been patient through the initial years, for giving me the space to be myself , for not enforcing any rules on me, I'm grateful. You are the Best! I love you appu!!

4) For understanding in-laws .I shall edit this point may be later..But,many time,s I do understand how fortunate I've been in having a mil who provides us with delicious food every single day, for allowing me to sleep till mid-morning, for taking care of our house and keeping it spic and span, for relieving me the burden to having to juggle home and work..Thank you mil .

5) For well-meaning friends..Though they are only a handful of them, I'm grateful for having a relationship where in I can talk to him/her after a gap of many years and still begin from where we left.For the hope and optimism, for the courage, for pointing out my flaws, for the advices,for giving me a chance to learn for your ingherent goodness, I'm priviledged to be friends with you all , Suvi, Kalai, Aish,Preethi and Baalu.

6) I'm grateful for this human life bestowed on me. Thank you Almighty.

7) Preeti, thank you starting this and being a reason for spreading optimism and cheer.

8) I'm also feeling happy that I was able to complete this post..This achievement(of writing this post)has gone deep inside and now I'm not in a confused state as I was atthe beginning of the day.

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